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Total salary expenditures over the selected time frame: $294,750.31
50 non-salary expenditures found:
VendorExpense TypePayment DateAmountNotes
CARAHSOFT TECHNOLOGY CORPIT Services1/6/2023$629.43 
CARAHSOFT TECHNOLOGY CORPIT Services1/6/2023$704.23 
AT&TWireless Service - Nov 20221/9/2023$383.26 
AT&TWireless Service - Dec 20221/19/2023$382.63 
FinanceeMARS Billing - FY23 - 3rd QTR1/5/2023$2,275.00 
OFFICE THREE SIXTY INCOffice Supplies1/20/2023$60.76 
Commonwealth Office of TechnologyPass Thru (85001)1/11/2023$932.58 
Commonwealth Office of TechnologyPass Thru (85001)1/11/2023$200.00 
Gov Services CenterPersonnel Services1/12/2023$297.83 
Kentucky State PoliceKSP Fac Sec 2nd Qtr FY231/19/2023$12,430.01 
OFFICE DEPOTName Plates1/20/2023$22.99 
KENTUCKY INTERACTIVE LLCBanking Fees1/6/2023$10,220.76 
Finance, Facilities ManagementRent (ANNEX)1/19/2023$4,351.88 
Finance Postal ServicesPostage1/4/2023$1.71 
AmazonOffice Equipment1/20/2023$86.97 
Number & Fold Martin & YaleOffice Equipment1/20/2023$66.63 
NEWS EXPOSURE LLCMedia Monitoring Service1/11/2023$1,825.00 
Finance, Facilities SurplusOffice Equipment1/11/2023$150.00 
Commonwealth Office of TechnologyUtilization (85003)1/11/2023$35.00 
Finance, Facilities ManagementRent (CAP BLDG)1/19/2023$14,292.60