"Acts Passed at the First Session of the 29th General Assembly for the Commonwealth of Kentucky", 1821, pgs 25-26.


An Act to establish a Public Library at the Seat of Government.

SEC. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of State, by, and with the advice and consent of the Governor for the time being, to sell or exchange such portion of the decisions of the Court of Appeals, now published, or which may be hereafter published, and Acts of Assembly, or other books belonging to this Commonwealth, as they may deem expedient, and which may not be otherwise appropriated by law; and out of the proceeds thereof, purchase such other Books, Charts or Maps, as they may think proper.

SEC. 2. Be it further enacted, That the Books, &c. so purchased, shall be kept in the Secretary's office, or in such other place as the General Assembly may designate by law, or by joint resolution of both houses: And said Books shall remain for the use of the officers of government and members of the Legislature during each session, the judges of the Court of Appeals and General Court. The Secretary of State shall prescribe such rules for the safe-keeping of said books, also the manner and time of taking out said books and returning the same, and shall also have the power of prescribing and enforcing such penalties that he may deem just, for the violation of said rules, until the legislature shall prescribe such other rules as to them may seem right.

SEC. 3. Be it further enacted, That the Secretary of State shall, at the close of each session of the General Assembly, inspect the papers and documents which remain with the unfinished business; and all such papers which he may consider worthy of preservation, he shall carefully file the same in his office, with the necessary labels affixed thereto, designating the session to which they may respectively belong.