The Kentucky Secretary of State receives and files all bills approved by the General Assembly. This includes: (1) legislation signed by the Governor; (2) legislation to become law without the Governor's signature; (3) legislation overriding the Governor's veto; and (4) legislation which includes line-item vetoes.

This database includes scanned images of all enacted legislation filed with the Secretary of State during the current session of the Kentucky General Assembly. Legislation may be searched by bill number, date of filing, and topic. To search, check the Show Search Options checkbox and click the Submit button.  To see all bills received and filed by the Kentucky Secretary of State by year or type, select the desired options below and click the Submit button.  The results will allow you to view the scanned legislation by either downloading a multi-page PDF (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader ), downloading a multi-page TIFF image (requiring a third party TIFF viewer), or by viewing the document via a server side application that will return a single page image at a time.  Documents longer than 200 pages have been broken into 200 page sections.  The sections are listed and can be downloaded individually.

To track current bills that have not been enacted, visit  https://kentucky.gov/services/billwatch/  to sign up for Kentucky.gov's  free Bill Watch service.  Legislation may also be tracked by visiting the Legislative Research Commission website at httpss://www.lrc.state.ky.us/legislat/legislat.htm  
or by calling the General Assembly Bill Status Line at 1-866-301-9004. To leave a message for legislators regarding bills pending, call the Legislative Message Line: 1-800-372-7181.

For inquiries regarding legislation enacted prior to the 2004 Regular Session, please contact Sarah Burgin at 1-502-564-3490.

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