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General Information

 Organization Number0860425
 Company TypeALC - Assumed Name for LLC
 StatusA - Active
 File Date4/8/2018 6:41:20 PM
 Expiration Date3/23/2022
 Renewal Date9/23/2021
 Principal Office3708 Sunflower St
Lexington, KY 40509

Current Officers

Individuals / Entities listed at time of formation


Images available online

Documents filed with the Office of the Secretary of State on September 15, 2004 or thereafter are available as scanned images or PDF documents. Documents filed prior to September 15, 2004 will become available as the images are created.
 Registered Agent name/address change3/12/2021 8:11:13 PM1 pagePDF
 Annual Report3/12/20211 pagePDF
 Annual Report6/13/20201 pagePDF
 Principal Office Address Change11/8/2019 7:05:26 PM1 pagePDF
 Annual Report6/1/20191 pagePDF
 Annual Report5/11/20181 pagePDF
 Amended Assumed Name4/8/2018 6:41:19 PM1 pagePDF
 Registered Agent name/address change12/8/2017 10:18:50 AM1 pagePDF
 Principal Office Address Change12/8/20171 pagetiffPDF
 Annual Report5/23/20171 pagePDF
 Certificate of Assumed Name3/23/20171 pagetiffPDF
 Annual Report4/22/20161 pagePDF
 Annual Report3/25/20151 pagetiffPDF
 Annual Report5/7/20141 pagetiffPDF
 Articles of Organization (LLC)6/20/20131 pagetiffPDF

Assumed Name of


Activity History

 FilingFile DateEffective DateOrg. Referenced
 Amend Assumed Name4/8/2018 6:41:20 PM4/8/2018LETTERS BY LILLY, LLC
 Added assumed name3/23/2017 9:59:36 AM3/31/2017LETTERS BY LILLY, LLC
 Add3/23/2017 9:59:36 AM3/31/2017LETTERS BY LILLY, LLC

Microfilmed Images