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Warning: By law, any information submitted electronically through the FastTrack UCC Online System must remain in the fields in which it was keyed and cannot be altered by the Office of the Secretary of State. For this reason, the Office of the Secretary of State will not redact any personal information (including but not limited to Social Security Numbers, FEIN Numbers, Phone Numbers, etc.).

NOTICE REGARDING ILLEGAL FILINGS: A person may be guilty of filing an illegal lien if they file a document that is forged, groundless, contains material misstatements, or has a false claim. Filing an illegal lien could result in criminal penalty and prosecution including imprisonment per KRS 434.155.

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The fee for online filings is $5. You can pay with a credit card, an EFT (electronic funds transfer from a bank account), or your prepaid account.

Limitations for on-line filings

  • Collateral information.
  • No attachments can be submitted.
  • Amendment combinations cannot be filed online. Each must be filed separately.
  • Correction statements cannot be filed online.