Kentucky Land Patents: County Court Orders Series

The largest series of Kentucky Land Patents is the County Court Orders. These patents are authorized by warrants/orders purchased from the county court. Following the survey of the tract, the Governor issues a Grant finalizing the patent. This patent series was created in 1835 and remains in effect under the provisions of KRS 56.

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Series Summary

The quick-search function of this database allows researchers to search by "Patent Number" or by "Grant Book and Page" references listed in the "Grants in County Court Orders" section of Jillson's Kentucky Land Grants. The advanced search function allows researchers to search by more specific fields, such as: County, Watercourse, Grant Name, Survey Name, Survey Year, and Grant Year. At this time, a limited number of Warrants are indexed on this database. Additional Warrant information will be added as indexing continues. Some patent numbers between 0001.0 and 8241.0 link to scanned images of patent files. Copies of Grants may be ordered from the Secretary of State's Land Office, the Kentucky History Center Library, and the Department for Libraries & Archives, all in Frankfort, Kentucky. Contact the Kentucky Secretary of State's Office for copies of Warrants and Surveys filed with the County Court Order Series.