Land Office Order Form

If you have access to Jillson's The Kentucky Land Grants, use this section for ordering copies:

Grantee Acres Book Page Survey Date or TWP County or Range

If you have access to Master Index: Virginia Surveys and Grants or Old Kentucky Index, both published by the Kentucky Historical Society, use this section when ordering copies:

Survey Number Name County Survey Date Grant Book and Page

If you have access to our Revolutionary War Warrants Database and information is listed in the "Authorized" field, use this section to order copies. If the "Authorized" field is blank, no further information is available.

Warrant Number Veteran Authorized

If you do not have access to reference materials, use this section to request a records search:

Name or Surname County Approximate Time Period

Fees (Prepayment is not requested. An invoice will be included with your order that you will receive via USPS. Both front and back sides of records will be copied.)

Warrants $1 each
Surveys $1 each
Grants $1 each
Entries $.50 each
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