Kentucky Notary Statutes

Recognition of notarial acts performed outside this state. KRS 423.110
Certificate of person taking acknowledgment. KRS 423.130
Recognition of certificate of acknowledgment. KRS 423.140
Certificate of acknowledgment. KRS 423.150
Short forms of acknowledgment. KRS 423.160
Acknowledgments not affected by KRS 423.110 to 423.170 KRS 423.170
Uniformity of interpretation. KRS 423.180
Short title. KRS 423.190
Admission of documents to the public record. KRS 423.200
Definitions for KRS 423.300 to 423.455. KRS 423.300
Application of KRS 423.300 to 423.455. KRS 423.305
Notarial acts -- Tangible and electronic records -- Online notary -- Prohibited acts -- Tangible copy of electronic record. KRS 423.310
Determination of individuals identity and signature. KRS 423.315
Personal appearance before notarial officer. KRS 423.320
Personal knowledge and satisfactory evidence of identity -- Use of communication technology -- Additional information. KRS 423.325
Refusal to perform notarial act. KRS 423.330
Signature by proxy. KRS 423.335
Who may perform notarial act -- Effect of signature and title – Powers of county clerk. KRS 423.340
Effect of notarial act performed in another state, under authority of tribe, or under authority of federal law. KRS 423.345
Effect of notarial act performed under authority of foreign state or international governmental organization -- Establishing authority of officer and genuineness of signature. KRS 423.350
Online notary public -- Electronic notarization -- Refusal to perform notarial act -- Use of communication technology -- Registration --Administrative regulations -- Application of state law. KRS 423.355
Certificate of notarial act. KRS 423.360
Short-form certificate. KRS 423.365
Stamp. KRS 423.370
Security of stamping device -- Rendering unusable when no longer valid -- Lost or stolen device. KRS 423.375
Journal of online notary public -- Entries -- Audio-visual recording --Lost or stolen journal -- Retention and transmission -- Custodian. KRS 423.380
Registration regarding electronic records and notarizations --Tamper-evident technology -- Standards -- Tangible copy of electronic record. KRS 423.385
Commission as notary public -- Requirements -- Oath and filing -- Surety bond -- Change of information -- Renewal of commission --Administrative regulations -- Registration. KRS 423.390
Denial, revocation, or limitation of commission -- Other remedies. KRS 423.395
Electronic database of notaries public -- County clerk to record filing and oath. KRS 423.400
Validity of notarial act. KRS 423.410
Administrative regulations. KRS 423.415
Commission in effect on January 1, 2020 -- Renewal – Registration as online notary public. KRS 423.420
Validity of notarial act performed before January 1, 2020. KRS 423.425
Electronic record or paper printout relating to real property deemed to be lawfully recorded or filed. KRS 423.435
Presumption of proper notarization -- Immunity of county clerk. KRS 423.440
Application of Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. KRS 423.445
Certificate verifying notary publics signature -- Electronic certificate of authority. KRS 423.450
Notarial act for remotely located individual facilitated by communication technology -- Certificate -- Retention of audio-visual recording -- Notification of Secretary of State – Administrative regulations -- Service of process. KRS 423.455
Relation of KRS 382.075, 382.076, and 423.300 to 423.455 to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. KRS 423.460
Conflict between laws. KRS 423.465
Chapter 008 - Notary Public - Electronic Records. KAR 30.08