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Complete the form below. Be sure to fill in the required spaces noted in red. Your free Vote in Honor of a Veteran button will be mailed as soon as it is processed.

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When you receive your button, add the name of the veteran you are honoring with a permanent marker so the name won't rub off.  Or, if you would like for the Office of the Secretary of State to personalize your button for you, please provide his or her name.  If you know their rank, branch of service, period of service, and home town, please add this in the comments section below.


If you like, enter a message about your veteran and what Voting in Honor of a Veteran means to you in the comments section below.

Though we at the Secretary of State’s office advocate honoring all veterans with a Vote in Honor of a Veteran button, wearing a button to the polls on election day that has the name of a candidate running in the current election, constitutes electioneering (prohibited by KRS 118.025). In this event, poll workers will request that you cover or remove the button.

Please contact us with any questions.

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