Jackson Purchase

The southern half of the Jackson Purchase region in western Kentucky was acquired under the October 19, 1818, land treaty between the United States and the Chickasaw Indian Nation. On February 14, 1820, the Kentucky General Assembly passed legislation that declared the public land system would be used for mapping the region by Townships, Ranges and Sections.

By entering Ranges, Townships, and Principal Meridian Direction (East or West), researchers using this database will find the scanned image of the exact township location for 9,308 West of Tennessee River Non-Military Patents indexed by Willard R. Jillson in The Kentucky Land Grants change to The Kentucky Land Grants. Researchers may also find references to ranges and townships in deeds for the Jackson Purchase area. Guides to the 36 numbered sections and the division of sections into quarter-sections are also provided. Researchers may also enter county name or an established 1885 location or point of interest, such as mill or railroad, to find public-land-system coordinates. Due to county formation and boundary changes, the current name of the county may differ from the county citation on the 1885 Loughridge Map used for this website.