Important Notice on the Use of Digital Certificates

Notary technology providers are required to register with the Office of the Secretary of State prior to providing notary technology in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. pursuant to 30 KAR 8:005

Notary Technology providers may register by completing the Notary Technology Provider Registration Form and emailing it to Registered notary technology providers will be listed as available providers for registrants on the electronic and online notary registration portal.

 Technology ProviderName of PlatformWebsiteContact EMailContact PhoneIn Person Only
View DetailNotaryCam, Inc.NotaryCam
View DetailDocVerify, Inc.E-Notary Platform
View DetailNotarize Inc.Notarize
View DetailGuardian Consumer Services, dba PAVASO, INC 414-4268False
View DetailNexsys Technologies LLC/Clear Sign 545-8121False
View DetailDigital Delivery, Inc.
View DetaileNotaryLog, LLC 225-5808False
View DetailSIGNiX, Inc. 362-8212False
View DetailE-Notary Seal, LLC 357-7388False
View DetailLiveNotary, LLC 379-4858False
View DetailDocuSign, Inc. - eSignature
View DetailDocuSign, Inc - Notary
View DetailStavvy, Inc. False
View DetailNotary@EpicRiver 650-5553False
View DetailCyberize It, LLC
View DetailSecured Signing 769-6018False
View DetailBlend Labs, Inc. 342-9909False
View DetailAmrock, LLC/Nexsys Clear SignClear Sign 545-8105False
View DetailSimplifile LCSimplifile 460-5657False
View DetailBlue Notary LLC 572-9013False
View DetailQualia Labs, Inc. 899-2122False
View DetailOnline Notary Center, Inc. 809-7019False
View DetailDocMagic, Inc.
View DetailEscrow Tab Inc.
View DetailRushTranslate LLC www.rushtranslate.comadmin@rushtranslate.com206-672-5052True
View DetailPactima, Inc. 997-5025False
View DetailNationwide Title Clearing, LLC 771-4000True