Pikeville, Kentucky


Class (effective Jan 1, 2015)Home Rule
Class (ending Dec 31, 2014)4
Established (y-m-d)1824-12-30
Area Development DistrictBig Sandy Area Development District
County SeatYes
Form of GovernmentCity Manager
Type of Election (City officials)Non-Partisan
City Waives Primary Election (City officials)Yes
Time ZoneEastern

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Notes: Formerly known as Pike and Piketon. First filing of Declaration of Reclassification states date of incorporation as June 5, 1893.

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MayorFrank Justice
Meeting Times2nd & 4th Mon 6:00pm
Office HoursMon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm
Eastern Time

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Population Estimates

2003: 6,2862002: 6,2892001: 6,2782000: 6,3721999: 6,306
1998: 6,3361997: 6,3921996: 6,4591995: 6,5111994: 6,475
1993: 6,4491992: 6,4531991: 6,4611990: 6,444

U.S. Decennial Census

2010: 6,9032000: 6,2951990: 6,3241980: 4,7561970: 5,205

Current Filings (KRS 81.045 to present date)
Records returned: 46

Date FiledTypeOrdinanceMap StatusNotes
O-2020-13MAPPABLETract owned by the City of Pikeville located on the west side of US 23 on the watershed of Ford's Branch: 46.77 acres.
O-2020-12MAPPABLEGreen Meadow Country Club, Inc., & Commonwealth of Kentucky Drainage Easement located on the south side of US 23 near the mouth of Harmons Branch along the Levisa Fork of Big Sandy River: 29.962 acres.
2020-05-21Population Estimate U. S. Census Bureau Population Estimate as of July 1, 2019: 6,551
2019-05-23Population Estimate U. S. Census Bureau Population Estimate as of July 1, 2018: 6,638
2018-05-24Population Estimate U. S. Census Bureau Population Estimate as of July 1, 2017: 6,685
2017-08-31Notification of Resignation
 City Commissioner Keith Coleman resigned effective August 28, 2017.
O-2017-015MAPPABLETract located within the Deskins Hollow Area: 0.62 acres
O-2017-017MAPPABLETract located within Deskins Hollow Area: 1.18 acres
O-2017-016MAPPABLETract extends city boundary along Vera Drive: 4.50 acres
O-2017-001MAPPABLECasebolt Tracts located off Casebolt Mountain Rd: 1.08 acres, 5.75 acres, & 4.75 acres. Commonwealth of Kentucky right-of-way along US 23 South: 12.55 acres. Total annexed: 24.13 acres.
O-2016-016MAPPABLELela Maynard Tract: adjoins Stonehenge Drive (0.91 acres)
O-2013-032MAPPABLEDeskins Tract: near Stonehenge Drive (4.15 acres)
2016-05-19Population Estimate U. S. Census Bureau Population Estimate as of July 1, 2015: 7,012
2015-05-21Population (2010) Population Total per 2010 U.S. Decennial Census: 6,903
pursuant to HB 331 (2014)Acknowledgment of Reclassification (Home Rule), Statement of Form of Government (City Manager), Name of City, & Year of Incorporation
pursuant to HB 331 (2014)Acknowledgment of Reclassification (Home Rule), Statement of Form of Government (City Manager), Name of City, & Year of Incorporation
2012-12-26Administration of Oaths of Office City Commissioners: James A. Carter, Eugene "Gene" Davis, Jerry Keith Coleman, & Barry Chaney
2011-10-10Legislative Research Commission Filing
KRS 81.036City Documents Requesting Reclassification
2011-03-10ReclassificationSenate Bill 76Transferred from 3rd to 4th Class. Effective June 8, 2011.
2011-02-16AnnexationO-2011-005MAPPABLETract adjoins Coal Run Village & the south side of Tollage Creek. Extends to Buckley Ck: 491.14a
2009-12-23AnnexationO-2009-021MAPPABLETract located on or near Lykins Branch Road: 17.84 acres
2009-07-20AnnexationO-2009-016MAPPABLELykins Branch Tract: 350.21 acres
2009-06-19AnnexationO-2009-014MAPPABLEFirst Baptist Church Island Creek Mission: 4.90 acres
2008-12-18AnnexationO-2008-026MAPPABLESword Fork of Fords Branch Tract: 153.67 acres
2008-10-16AnnexationO-2007-024MAPPABLELackens Creek Tract: 394.02 acres
2008-10-16AnnexationO-2007-036MAPPABLEVenters Lane Rd, Harmon Branch & the airport: 622.86 acres
2008-07-03AnnexationO-2008-15MAPPABLEUS 23 North at the Pike/Floyd County Line & head of Penn Hook Branch (163.95 acres)
2007-10-12AnnexationO-2007-026MAPPABLEOld Wagner Station Rd, Ky 2061, & US 23N (crossing Mossy Bottom Bridge): 136.18 acres.
2006-10-20AnnexationO-2006-015MAPPABLEBig Shoal Tract: 713.59 acres
2004-11-12AnnexationO-2004-014MAPPABLEMarion & Long Branches: 896 acres
2003-09-16Revised Census Totals (4/1/2000)U.S. Dept. of CommercePopulation: 6390; Housing Units: 3017
2001-09-20Deannexation95-CI-01269 (Circuit Court)MAPPABLEBoundary Reduction: 95-005. No map filed.
1991-01-18AnnexationO-90-030MAPPABLECertification included
1991-01-18AnnexationO-90-031MAPPABLECertfication included
1990-10-25AnnexationO-90-031MAPPABLECertification omitted
1990-10-25AnnexationO-90-030MAPPABLECertification omitted
1980-07-03KRS 81.045 Filing